About Petticoat Lane

Petticoat Lane opened in November 2010 in the beautiful Victorian town of Llandudno on the North Wales coast. This is the town I grew up in and after a brief adventure at university, is now where I am bringing up my own children.


IMG_0042When you create something like a shop, it has to come from yourself, from all the important things that have inspired you in your life up to the moment that shop opens its doors. You call on all the experiences and observations that have built your appreciation of what you conceive to be pleasing, beautiful, special. You remember each thoughtful gift from childhood and the comforting memories they evoke. You remember those little rituals, like afternoon tea from china cups, watching your Mother and Grandmother designing your party dress in the tiny sewing room together, family Sunday lunch at your Grandparents when everyone helps to wash, dry and put away the dishes, standing around the fire, its mantels adorned with home made decorations and ivy after a long journey to be with loved ones at Christmas, the smell of baking tempting you from the kitchen downstairs while you study for exams. It is these special memories that make us who we are.

Petticoat Lane is a reflection of all those memories in my life that I hold dear that I am constantly inspired by. With over ten local makers and crafters and even more UK designers, artists and crafters, Petticoat Lane holds a great representation of the talent we have on our little island. It is a joy to work directly with the makers themselves, many of whom very kindly work with the shop’s defined style and colour palette in mind. Other carefully selected companies have also found their way into the shop and I am always mindful to know and learn of their source of production.


IMG_0105It is great fun once everything arrives in the shop and we can start putting all of it together to create something unique and super special! Customers have always commented on the welcoming atmosphere in the shop which we have always been so keen to create. Thankfully people feel at ease to stay to chat and browse at their leisure. It is a pleasure to be there every day and to listen to customer’s stories from far and wide. While creating the website, we wanted to try as much as possible to recreate that same friendly atmosphere in a pleasurable online browsing experience. We do hope that we have achieved this and that you enjoy shopping in Petticoat Lane’s online shop as much as we have enjoyed creating it!

Kate and the girls x